20 artistic pictures that express the liberatory of being alone

Do you know that feeling when you’re perfectly alone at home and enjoy that cozy silence in the company of no one but yourself? Well, we don’t really talk that much about the positive sides of living our everydays alone, but from now we have to: Korean artist, Aeppol has just created a nice amount of illustrations about the topic. These pictures are best to point out the beauty of being all by ourselves – have you ever felt so much peace and calmness as the main figure of these creations does?

1. Sound of the rain


Can you hear the exact sound of the rain while staring at this picture that represents solitude? This girl who turned out to be the artists deep inside-personality is alone at home but still, not exactly: she has a friend with a deer horn and a dog body – it’s clear that this cute existence represents her inner company in the loneliness. Would you like to live alone with your own ‘deery dog’ in the forest? Somehow it sounds awesome…

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