Father, Mother And Son Take The Same Photo For 21 Years



Back in the early 90’s this happy couple took a photo holding hands above their newborn son.

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  • I am retired now. But I taught Developmental Psychology/Child Development for 30+ years at more than one university. I always ended my classes on the last day of the term in the same way: “God makes nearly all species of mammal life, at least, absolutely adorable to its parents for three to five years, poopy pants and grimy hands on the new sofa and all, so that when they reach the awkward years and aren’t nearly as cute, and the obnoxious teen years when you may wish you had remained celebate, and perhaps even the condescending years when they are in college, you can sit back and say to yourself or your mate, “Remember how cute he was when he was three and would come to us to ask us what we thought about frogs or girls?”

    Otherwise, the human race would have never evolved because we would have gladly murdered our progeny long before they reached adulthood.

  • I thought there was a catch, like one of them had died or that the parents sit, disabled, and he stands behind them.

    This mother dresses horribly. She must have an issue with her body.
    But the son is a great dresser.

  • What a fantastic post. I wish I’d done the same with my son who’s 18 now – so much has changed

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